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Crazy Days Copying Not So Normal Week???

I had not read all of NSNW when I started writing Crazy Days. Out of my own imagination I made Anakin obsessed with peanut butter. So I became concerned when I saw this:

This time, on A Not-So-Normal Week 2: Obi-Wan's resolution, Anakin becomes even further obsessed with milk (and unicorns)... and peanut butter. Yep. Peanut butter...
How could this happen? Great minds think alike, I guess. Strange, very strange...

Now off to read that chapter that may end up being similar to mine! *gasp*


*sighs in relief* It appears that mine is still very different than NSNW. After all, Anakin seems to like plain peanut butter just fine- it doesn't have to be unicorn flavored. Lol!

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