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The Secret Life of Ri'ma Kenobi: Chapter Twenty-Three (WIP)

The Secret Life of Ri'ma Kenobi

Part Two: The Attack of the Clones and the Mystery Child

Chapter Twenty-Three

“So... Anakin Skywalker is my brother?” Tomvin was wide-eyed. Ri’ma nodded.
“Yes. He is your half-brother, just like Owen is your half-brother.”
“And her name was Skywalker, before it was Lars! So I was right, my mother was married before, and had a child.”
“Not…not exactly.” Ri’ma wasn’t sure quite how to explain Anakin’s past. Tomvin looked puzzled, so Ri’ma just shook her head.
“Never mind. The important thing is that Anakin is your brother. I bet you’d like to know more about him?”
“Yes, please!” Tomvin said, looked rather anxious to get on with it.
“Well…” Ri’ma struggled hard to figure out how to explain the boy who meant so much to her, yet who she had never really known. “I…well…he’s nineteen now. He was out age when I was a baby. He was the Padawan of my father, Obi-Wan.” Suddenly Ri’ma sucked in air; why was she telling a complete stranger her secrets? She had forgotten! How had this happened?? Her mother would be-
“What’s the matter?” Tomvin asked. Ri’ma just sighed.
“Anyway, he was a Jedi. Well, he was learning to be a Jedi. Maybe he is one now, I don’t know.”
“What’s a Jedi?” Tomvin asked, puzzled once more.
“It’s…well…they fight with glowing sticks of light, and…” How was she to explain it all? The Masters, the Jedi code, the rule of no attachments…?
“I mean…what makes a Jedi special?”
Suddenly it clicked. “The Jedi can use the force. Everyone has some, but the Jedi have learned to use their power, and they help people with it.” Ri’ma explained. “With the force they can move things, or fight…it’s kind of like making wind come out of your hand.”
“That sounds…weird.” Tomvin made a face. “My brother is a Jedi?”
“Yes, but being a Jedi is a good thing!” Ri’ma insisted. “And our brother-”
Just then the young man helped the beautiful woman step back into the boat. He readjusted his peasant shirt and prepared to step in after her, but before he did, he turned and looked directly at Ri’ma. Ri’ma began to smile, as she normally did when she and someone else’s eyes met, but something stopped her. His blue eyes were so dark, so serious…that set mouth…the Padawan braid… Ri’ma choked on air and, sputtering, mind-whirling, she sat down on the ground, hard. Tomvin, startled, quickly moved to help her up. As she rose off of the ground, clinging to Tomvin’s arm, her eyes did not move from off of the young man’s face.
“What is it?” Tomvin asked, confused.
“I…I think that is your brother.” Ri’ma whispered.
“My brother? You’ve got to be kidding! You said my brother lived far away from here! Why on Naboo would he be…on Naboo.”
They giggled, neither knowing exactly why. It wasn’t that funny, not with such a serious situation at hand. Suddenly, Ri’ma just lost it, buckling over with laughter that brought tears to her eyes. Tomvin chuckled, then watched her until she stopped and attempted to breath normally again.
“What is it?” he asked as she wiped her eyes on the sleeve of her dress.
“That…is…the boy…I was just telling you about, your brother! And he’s here, here of all places!” she giggled, then froze, a serious look covering her face, her eyes staring off as though she was seeing something far away and long ago. “I haven’t seen him in nine years! I…I have to see him!”
“Ri’ma, wait-”
But Ri’ma had already torn her shoes off and was in the water, swimming after the boat.

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