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Coming Soon: A Not So Normal Star Wars! Love A Not So Normal Week by Bluesaber3? Want to see those characters again, but in parodies of the Star Wars movies? You've come to the right place!


A Not so Normal Star Wars!

On The Lakehouse Forums, the fan-fiction A Not So Normal Week (NSNW) and it's author, Bluesaber3, are very popular. However, Bluesaber3 has said that, after writing the last two chapters of NWNW 3, she's not going to have the time to work on a fourth installment. I'm sure that is upsetting to a lot of her fans, myself included: NSNW is a hilarious, inventive story and I'll be sad to see it end. However, perhaps I can offer a bit of consolation to it's fans.

I love writing fan-fiction. I love NSNW. Now that I have read all that has been written to date, I have a grasp of the characters and quirks and things, so I decided to ask BlueSaber3 if I could do something involving her NSNW characters. She said yes, and so A Not So Normal Star Wars is coming!  A Not So Normal Star Wars are going to be parodies of the Star Wars movies, with the NSNW characters in them! Keep your eyes open for news of the first installment which is tentatively being called The Phantom Dentist!


  1. HOW AWESOME!!!!!!!! PJS, I will be looking forward to it! :D Be sure to post the stories! you do awesome 'random' stories! :D

  2. Hey "Writer" :)
    I look forward to TPD, it sounds funny!

    What do you think of Padme's wedding dress? It kind of reminds me of a spider web. :) :)

  3. I like it, but it's not necessarily my favorite wedding dress ever. I'm not sure if I like the head-dress/veil or if I think it looks silly yet. XD Lol!

    Or maybe Shelob just got to her first. XD