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The Secret Life of Ri'ma Kenobi: Chapter Fourteen (WIP)

The Secret Life of Ri'ma Kenobi

Part One: The Phantom Menace and Secret Romance

Chapter Fourteen

So far, the only outward expression of Eirtae’s pregnancy- her extremely round belly- was well hidden so long as she wore the appropriate outfits. To all outsiders it appeared that she had merely gained some weight, and no one, it seemed, had the vaguest idea as to what was really going on under the cloaks and capes; that a child was rapidly growing inside of Eirtae’. Eirtae’ stopped going out as much even still, for fear that something would happen and someone would guess their secret. The months passed and the small round bulge of baby belly grew until only the most draped fabrics could scarcely conceal it, and so Eirtae’ began to wear hoops. Though some gave her odd looks for her seemingly unnecessary finery, most thought nothing of it, for which both she and Obi-Wan were very glad. Obi-Wan was always careful to stay in the shadows every night as he came home to their apartment, and Anakin barely ever visited, although Obi-Wan had confided in his Padawan early on that a child would soon be born. Not even the smallest risks could be taken, for no one else must find out that Obi-Wan and Eirtae’ were married, and that their first child was on the way.
One day towards the end of Eirtae’s pregnancy, Obi-Wan kissed his wife goodbye and slipped out back to head to the Jedi temple. Anakin was waiting for him, but a scolding didn’t dampen his mood, nor change the seeming urgency of his being there.
“Master, I must tell you something. If you are not more careful, you will be found out! People are watching and wondering, and if one more little hint comes out into the open, they will be sure of Eirtae’s- condition.” Anakin whispered as they approached the Jedi temple.
“Hm…” Obi-Wan ran a hand over his young face, and Anakin suddenly realized how very much like a boy his Master still looked. Of course, the Padawan braid had been cut many months before and Obi-Wan now had the slightest hint of a beard left unshaved on his chin, but he still bore the baby face, the big blue eyes of a boy or, at the very most, a very young man. Obi-Wan didn’t notice his apprentice’s stares for he was deep in restless thought. Already, it was happening. Already, people were noticing. And what if they learned of Eirtae’’s condition? What next? Did they suspect a connection between the two of them? Would people start wondering if it were he that were her husband, the child’s father? What could he-
“Master Kenobi?” Obi-Wan turned to see Jedi Master Mace Windu heading their direction as he came out of the Jedi temple. “Master Yoda requests a personal meeting between the two of you.”
Obi-Wan’s heart leapt into his throat. “Yes, Master. At what time should I meet with Master Yoda?”
Master Windu fixed his stern gaze on the younger Jedi and said “Immediately.”
Obi-Wan nodded and watched the other Master head off down the street. He shot a look at his apprentice who was watching him with cold, scared eyes.
“How could they possibly…?”
Obi-Wan left Anakin in the lobby of the temple and set off to find Master Yoda.

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