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The Secret Life of Ri'ma Kenobi: Chapter Sixteen (WIP)

The Secret Life of Ri'ma Kenobi

Part One: The Phantom Menace and Secret Romance
Chapter Sixteen

"Anakin, I need to speak with you."

Obi-Wan cornered his young apprentice in the lobby and commenced to half-dragging him into a private discussion room. The young boy sat down in the seat that Obi-Wan motioned to, then stared at his Master with cocked head and furrowed eyebrows. What on Courascant was the matter with Obi-Wan?

"Anakin, don't spend so much time talking to Yoda. You're giving away far too many of our secrets."

"Secrets? What secrets? I never once mentioned..." After a quick glance to make sure that the air-tight, soundproof seal was up, he continued. "...Eirtae' or the baby. I never mentioned your apartment or you going anywhere else to sleep, or anything! I didn't even mention how I'm ALL ALONE for hours and hours once my training for the day is done, so you can go home and visit with Eirtae'!" The boy crossed his arms and pouted. "I wouldn't spend so much time! talking with Master Yoda, Master, if you spent more time with me yourself!"

Obi-Wan sensed great rebellion and disrespect in his Padawan, and he began to realize that what Yoda had told him was true. There was great fear int he boy, and much of the Dark Side. Obi-Wan would have to set the boy straight.

"Anakin, you do not disrespect me." He commanded. "Speak without yelling, or I'm not going to listen to you."

Anakin hung his head and Obi-Wan sighed and said in a much softer tone

"I do need to spend more time with you, Anakin." He sighed again. "I can't believe what I'm about to say, but...I want you to visit me and Eirtae' more. Than I can spend time with her and you a lot more often, instead of just one or the other. I'll still get some time for us alone in the evenings, but during the day, I want you there with us, in our apartment."

Anakin's blue eyes were as wide as saucers as he bounced off his chair and threw his arms around his young Master. Obi-Wan was surprised, but he returned the hug. Anakin let go and bounded around the room, a huge grin plastered all over his boyish face. Obi-Wan watched from the corner and smiled. There was much hope for the boy yet, he thought.

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