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The Secret Life of Ri'ma Kenobi: Chapter Twenty-Two (WIP)

The Secret Life of Ri'ma Kenobi

Part Two: The Attack of the Clones and the Mystery Child

Chapter Twenty-Two

“Sorry!” Ri’ma gasped as she crashed into a little boy who was not much older than herself. “I’m sooo sorry…” she murmured. Then she froze. He looked so familiar, like someone she’d seen long ago and far away…Hann…Anne…
…Anakin. That was it…the boy looked exactly like Anakin…Skywalker. That was it, Anakin Skywalker! He had Anakin’s dirty-blond hair…Anakin’s big blue eyes…Anakin’s crooked smile…he was even the right age: about ten years old!
“Anakin…?” Ri’ma murmured.
“Excuse me?” The boy smiled kindly at her with warmth in his eyes, so much like the boy she remembered.
“Is your name Anakin Skywalker?” It couldn’t be. After all, she had been a baby when she had met Anakin. Nine years had passed. Nine years since he was ten… Ri’ma counted on her fingers. Anakin Skywalker was nineteen years old now. And he lived far, far away, on some strange planet called Coursacant, not here on Naboo. But maybe he was Anakin’s brother or cousin? Brother. He had to be Anakin’s brother. This boy just looked way too much like Anakin to be anyone else.
“Uh…sorry. I’ve never heard of any Anakin Skywalker.” He smiled apologetically. “My name is Tomvin Lars. What’s your name?”
“Ri’ma Plthoon.”
They smiled at each other for a moment.
“So, who’s this Anakin fellow, and do I look like him?” Tomvin asked, flashing a charming smile Ri’ma’s way. Ri’ma melted inside and grinned back.
“Well, he’s a boy I knew a long time ago, when I lived somewhere else.” she explained. “He was about my age when I was born. I’m nine now.”
“I’m nine too.” Tomvin said with a grin. “Do you want to play with me at my house? I mean, we’re the same age after all.”
“But you don’t even know me…! You just met me!”
Tomvin laughed. “Well, I wish I had met you a lot sooner.”
Ri’ma blushed under his heavy gaze. “Well, I…”
She trailed off as a Naboo boat sailed past them and docked at the rose-covered harbor. Ri’ma’s eyes lit up as the most beautiful woman she had ever seen before got off the boat, helped by tall young man in peasant clothes. The woman had dark, silky hair tucked into a spiraling sea-shell behind her head and a long, flowy, rainbow-colored dress draped about her. The woman caught Ri’ma’s stare and smiled at her. Ri’ma, feeling somehow giddy inside, smiled back. Oh, if only she could ever be that beautiful!!
Something twisted inside of her as she eyed the young man, however. He was tall, with dark blond hair and piercing blue eyes. Down the side of his slim face hung a long, thin braid…A Padawan braid Ri’ma thought with some surprise. He didn’t notice her watching him, however; all of his attentions were focused on the beautiful young woman.
“Whatcha looking at?” Tomvin’s young voice cut through her thoughts.
“One day, I’ll be as beautiful as she is!” Ri’ma burst out. Tomvin eyed her oddly and she colored. “Um…I…”
“I think you’re more beautiful than she ever could be.” Tomvin said quietly. Ri’ma looked at his deep eyes and saw nothing but sincerity in them. Suddenly she colored even more as she realized what he had just said and its implications. He thought she was beautiful.
“Th-thank you.” she managed.
“Hey, want to come to my house? You could meet my dad.”
Ri’ma nodded, only half hearing. She was watching the beautiful woman and the serious young man. They were talking softly together, it seemed, although Ri’ma was much too far away to hear the words. Suddenly the young man got an odd sparkle in his eye and the two kissed, much to Ri’ma’s disgust. She looked away quickly.
“Ew…” she groaned. Tomvin, who had seen it too, laughed. “Maybe when we’re older, we’ll understand.”
“I doubt it…” Ri’ma muttered.”
“So, do you wanna go meet my dad, now that all that’s over with?” Tomvin asked with a laugh.
“Sure.” Ri’ma grinned. “But…why don’t you have a mom?”
“I do. My dad’s here on business and he took me with him. My mom stayed home. I also have an older brother- well, a step-brother. His name is Owen. He’s a lot older than me. My dad used to be married to someone else, and they had Owen. But when the woman, Owen’s mom, died, my dad ended up marrying again. He and my mom had me.” Tomvin explained. “And I think I know a secret.”
“What?” Ri’ma asked, perking up. She absolutely adored secrets.
“I think I had another brother. One time I heard dad and mom talking about him. I think my mom used to be married and had him, then her husband died, just like what happened with my dad. Only, I don’t know why the other brother doesn’t live with us too.” Tomvin looked sad. “I wonder what he looked like, what his personality was…”
Suddenly Ri’ma’s heart stopped in her chest.
“I…I think I can tell you some of that.” she said quietly. She had finally figured out why Tomvin Lars looked so very much like Anakin Skywalker.

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