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The Secret Life of Ri'ma Kenobi: Chapter Twenty-One (WIP)

Here's the beginning of part two, which coincides with the second movie in the trilogy, The Attack of the Clones.

The Secret Life of Ri'ma Kenobi

Part Two: The Attack of the Clones and the Mystery Child

Chapter Twenty-One

Ri’ma Eliana Kenobi yawned and watched for her mother, Eirtae’, to appear in the doorway of their Naboo lakehouse. It was a lonely thing to sit and wait every day, but her mother had to work so that they could eat. After all, with her father away…
Her father. Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ri’ma’s father, lived on the planet Courascant, in the Jedi temple. Years ago, when she had been just a little baby, her father had sent her and her mother away, for fear people would find out that he was married. A Jedi must never marry, or even form attachments. Obi-Wan disagreed with the Jedi Code and had married Eirtae’. Ri’ma had been born just a year later, and shortly after her birth, her father had sent them her, to Naboo. Ri’ma wished she could be with him, but she could not. She could not even use his name, but went by a hiding name, Plthoon. Her only consolation was that it sounded sort of Jedi-ish, and reminded her of her father ever time it was spoken.
“Ri’ma, where are you?”
Eirtae’ appeared in the doorway and her nine-year-old daughter ran to embrace her. “Mother, I missed you so!”
“I know, hon, I know…” Eirtae’ held her daughter close and fought back the tears that threatened to spill from her eyelids. After a moment, she held the girl at arms’ length to study her. She was the epitome of beauty, with her small, delicate features, her long eyelashes, her beautiful, soft hair. She was so grown up. Eirtae’ could very much see her husband Obi-Wan in the child- in fact, the more the child grew, the more she favored her father and the less her mother. Even the blond hair the child had once possessed had changed to a darker, redder color like her father’s.
“Ri’ma, it’s time for lunch.” Eirtae’ forced herself to stand up, although her legs were shaking. It had been nine long years since she had seen Obi-Wan. Her heart throbbed for longing to see him. Ri’ma caught the look in her mother’s eyes and smiled sadly. Eirtae’ was so proud of her daughter! She was so smart, so keen, so aware…Obi-Wan would be proud.
Obi-Wan….now that was a name that she had not said, save in whispers to herself or Ri’ma, for a long time…a long time…

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