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The Secret Life of Ri'ma Kenobi: Chapter Nine (WIP)

The Secret Life of Ri'ma Kenobi

Part One: The Phantom Menace and Secret Romance

Chapter Nine

When they landed back on Courascant Obi-Wan had to wait several minutes for Anakin to wake up, stretch and be convinced to go inside the Jedi temple after Obi-Wan assured him he was coming in too in a few minutes. Then he slipped to the back of the ship, opened the cargo unit using the force, and helped his fiance' out. They snuck around to the back of the temple and Eirtae' hurried off to Dexter's Diner, their planned meeting place for one half-hour later. Meanwhile, Obi-Wan went inside the temple as promised and showed Anakin a few new attack moves with his light-saber. The evening seemed to stretch on but at last Anakin had a meeting with Master Yoda and Obi-Wan could proceed with his plans. He hopped into his speeder and hurried to Dex's Diner where he picked up his bride-to-be before heading over to the Courascant chapel, several miles from the Jedi temple.

"I'm sorry it is nothing elaborate, my love..."

"Obi-Wan, it's not the wedding that counts, it's the-" Eirtae''s voice broke.

"Marriage." Obi-Wan finished for her, putting a hand on her shaking arm. "Shh, it's alright."

Eirtae' sighed. "I know, and I'm not backing out. I just wish things were different..."

"Maybe some day they will be."

Ten minutes later the couple stood in front of the chapel with a Courascant holy man in front of them. Obi-Wan wore a refugee-type outfit from his youth (he and Qui-Gon had had to disguise themselves for a mission long ago) so that he would not be seen wedding in his Jedi robes, and Eirtae' wore a simple white dress, her blond hair pulled up into a chignon at the base of her neck adorned by a single red rose. The couple held hands as they waited to recite their vows after the holy man.

"I, Obi-Wan Kenobi, do commit to love and cherish this woman, Eirtae' Rano, who I take now as my wife. I will protect and keep her always, forsaking all others, as long as we both live upon this earth."

"I, Eirtae' Rano, do commit to love and obey this man, Obi-Wan Kenobi, who I take now as my husband. I will honor and respect him always, forsaking all others, as long as we both live upon this earth."

The holy man smiled and placed the ring in Obi-Wan's hand.

"With this ring, I wed thee, Eirtae' Rano." he whispered. Eirtae' swallowed back her tears of joy and smiled at her beloved.

"With this ring, I wed thee, Obi-Wan Kenobi." she whispered back. The two slipped the rings on each others' fingers and the union was complete as the holy man declared

"You are now man and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Obi-Wan Kenobi."

Obi-Wan pulled his wife into his arms and kissed her tenderly.

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