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Padme's Pregnancy Diary- Day One

I am about nine weeks pregnant today. Anakin bought me this diary so I could document it all- everything I think, fell, do. What we buy for the babies. Yes, that's right: we're having twins! One boy and one girl, if the doctor is right. Anakin and I were so surprised when we found out we were having twins! We are so excited! Right now, we're thinking of naming the boy Anakin Luke, and the girl Leia Shmi. I don't know, things might change. Originally I wanted to name a little girl "Annie", a kind of tribute to "Ani", which is Anakin's nickname. Anakin didn't like that idea though. XD

Lately I have been craving pickles and milkshakes. I've been feeling a bit tired sometimes, and occasionally I'm just totally exhausted. I'm feeling well and sometimes I get spurts of energy- but then again, that might just be from the triple-shot mochas I like to have each afternoon.

Anakin was having some nightmares about me, but he talked to Obi-Wan and is feeling a lot better about everything. We've been enjoying just chilling out, but all too soon he'll have to go to the Outer Rim...for a whole month! I am heartbroken. Anakin and I were getting along so well (bar that fight the other night, but we made it)...and now he'll miss so much about me and the babies and everything! Oh well, I ought to be grateful- he could be leaving for five months or something!! I know I'm going to miss him so very much.

Well, that's enough for one day I suppose. I need to take a nap so I can think clearly enough to make Anakin's dinner. We're having an exotic type of steak, which Anakin loves.

~Padme Skywalker

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