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The Secret Life of Ri'ma Kenobi: Chapter Fifteen (WIP)

The Secret Life of Ri'ma Kenobi

Part One: The Phantom Menace and Secret Romance

Chapter Fifteen

“Master Kenobi, strange things, your apprentice tells me.”
Obi-Wan bit his lip to keep from screaming, jumping up out of his chair, running out of the room, finding Anakin and giving him the longest lecture on earth. Yoda cocked an ear at Obi-Wan’s disheveled hair and wild eyes, and relaxed again as Obi-Wan calmed down. The younger Jedi took a deep breath and tried to block his thoughts from Master Yoda. After a moment, he was able to speak calmly.
“Master Yoda, what things have Anakin told you?”
“Many things. Strange things. Ways that you have broken the Jedi code.”
Obi-Wan’s heart was in his throat. “How did I break the code, according to Anakin?”
Yoda chuckled. “Attachment to the boy, I sense in you, Obi-Wan, at all times. Too possessive of him are you. Told me about your close friendship, Skywalker did.”
Was this some kind of joke?? What Master wouldn’t be attached to his apprentice? Anakin hadn’t mentioned- other matters, had he?
“Master Yoda, forgive me if I have broken the code. However, I-”
Yoda laughed, a Kermit-the-frog-ish laugh, his little green body shaking with the effort.
“Forgive you, I do, for breaking the code, Master Obi-Wan. Other matters have I to discuss with you. Matters about your apprentice, young Skywalker, hmm? Very smart, the boy is. Spoke to him often, I have, and learned many interesting things, I have.”
Obi-Wan cocked an eyebrow. “Interesting things…?”
“Master Obi-Wan, the Dark Side I sense in him. Fear and mistrust, I sense in him. Attachment to you also, is in him, and attachment for another, though figure out who he or she is, I could not.”
Yoda raised an eyebrow. “Have something to say, do you, Obi-Wan?”
Obi-Wan quickly cleared his mind and smiled. “No, Master. Not at this present time, anyway.”
Yoda gave Obi-Wan one of his sterner looks and admonished “Careful, we must be, not to let this boy turn to the Dark Side without out knowing of it.”
“Master Yoda, I find it largely impossible that young Anakin Skywalker could ever turn to the Dark Side. There is much too much good in him for that.”
“Hmm…” Yoda grunted. “Share your faith in the boy, I do not. Keep a close eye on him, we must.”
“Yes, Master.”
“Ended, our meeting is.”
Obi-Wan rose form his chair, bowed a ‘goodbye’ to Yoda, and hurried off to find his apprentice.
Surely Master Yoda is wrong about Anakin he thought as his boots sent footsteps echoing through the dark temple hallways. I don’t believe Anakin could ever turn to the Dark Side. Maybe another Padawan, but not Anakin! I wonder how Master Yoda could even say that!

C & CC greatly appreciated!! :D

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