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The Secret Life of Ri'ma Kenobi: Chapter Twenty (WIP)

The Secret Life of Ri'ma Kenobi

Part One: The Phantom Menace and Secret Romance

Chapter Twenty

“Anakin, never forget this precious year we’ve had together.”
The boy, now ten years of age, nodded as Obi-Wan crouched beside him. Tears filled his large blue eyes and he at last could hold them back no longer. Weeping, he hugged his Master’s neck.
“Why must Eirtae’ and Ri’ma go away?” he sobbed.
Obi-Wan felt his heart wrenching in two. His beloved wife and their beautiful baby daughter were going to Naboo. To stay. Yesterday, them all escaping together, had almost cost Obi-Wan being a Jedi when Master Yoda had flown right by their speeder. Thankfully, he was looking the other way, and they weren’t caught. But Obi-Wan and Eirtaa’ had talked it over and decided that it was just too risky, them living there. Now that they had a baby, their secret would not stay one for very long. Eirtae’ could not stay in their apartment forever, and baby Ri’ma looked far too much like her father for curious observers and the keen and intelligent Jedi to put two and two together. Besides, they could not have Ri’ma growing up locked into the apartment, and never seeing sunshine or grass, never smelling flowers. And Courascant was not the most habitable place for a little one to grow up in, even in better times. And now, after the fire... The decision had been made. It was breaking his heart, but he must send his wife and daughter away. For now. Until times were better and their marriage, and Ri’ma, need no longer be kept a secret. For now, for now…
“I loved her.” Anakin sobbed. “I know that I’ll always love her.”
Obi-Wan watched the refugee ship sail off with such precious cargo inside, and he returned his Padawan’s tears. Until they returned, his knew his heart would never heal.


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