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The Secret Life of Ri'ma Kenobi: Chapter Seven (WIP)

The Secret Life of Ri'ma Kenobi

Part One: The Phantom Menace and Secret Romance

Chapter Seven

"Obi-Wan? Is that you?" a soft whisper came from behind a pillar.

"Eirtae'!" Obi-Wan would recognize that voice anywhere! He ran over to her and embraced her briefly. Her eyes were wide in shock but a joy sparkled behind it.

"Obi-Wan, you shouldn't be so open! What if someone sees us?" Eirtae' frowned. "It wouldn't hurt me any, but the Order-"

"The way I see it, no one from the Order is going to be here. So, see? There's entirely no problem." Obi-Wan grinned.

Eirtae' giggled and looked away. "I know why you came. I'm...I'm ready for you...I think."

Obi-Wan put his hand under her chin and turned her face toward his. "Eirtae', this might be the only chance we have. I was lucky to get a mission this close to Naboo, even. What if..."

"I packed my things and wrote a note for the Queen." Eirtae' whispered. "I just don't know if I'm..."

A noise of footsteps echoed down the corridor beyond and Obi-Wan pressed Eirtae' against the wall and stood a few inches away with his back blocking her from view from whoever was coming. He hoped that he himself could not be seen, but if whoever it was came too close...

The footsteps receded and at last Obi-Wan breathed again. "Eirtae', I love you with all of my heart. Please, please, come with me."

"Life would be so different..."

"Wonderfully different. You'd like Courascant, Eirtae'. It's not nearly as rural as Naboo- the whole planet is one giant city- but-"

"I know. I was there before, with you. Remember?"

"Oh, I suppose I was too busy looking deeply into your eyes to notice where we were..."

"Stop teasing!" Eirtae' giggled. "I'm just saying, I like the city. That's not it. It's just...I'll miss Padme' so much...and we'll have to keep everything so secret..."

Obi-Wan cradled her chin in his hands and sighed. "Oh, Eirtae', I think it's worth everything. But if you want to stay here..."

Eirtae' couldn't stand to see the man she loved in so much pain. Her eyes teared up and she leaned against him. "Obi-Wan..." she murmured from the folds of his robe. "I'll go with you anywhere..."

Obi-Wan kissed the top of her golden head and tears slipped from his eyes as well. "Oh, Eirtae', you've made me the happiest man alive..."

They embraced and Obi-Wan rested his chin on the top of her head.

"You'll have to ride in the cargo unit on the way back..."

"That's okay..."

"Where are your things? I need to load them up while Anakin is still distracted."

"I'll go get them..."

Obi-Wan followed Eirtae' down the corridor towards the hand-maiden's rooms and waited outside her door until she reappeared with two hand-bags. "This is all that is truly mine." she told Obi-Wan as he took them from her.

"But now we have a future together."

Eirtae' nodded, and smiling they both headed towards the ship.

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